Sorry, Not Sorry.



There are so many crumbles on my mind lately. Especially issues regarding the upcoming governor election. Most of you supposedly have a clear idea who am I voting for, but today I’m not talking about that.

See, the upcoming governor election got me thinking about religions, all over again. I recently had a debate about religion with someone closest to me – and it ended with me being tired and begged the person to stop the debate. The person reluctantly did, though.

I think the mistake was on me. See, I should have known that arguing about religion is a waste of energy, and a waste of time, and a waste of my mental health.

I NEVER force someone to believe in something. My opinions about certain issues might be unpopular – but if anything, I never force someone to believe the things that I believe in.

I don’t need religion values to stop me from doing something bad. I have my humanity.

I think everyone should have the right to marry whoever it is they want to marry. Isn’t it a happier world where there is one more celebration of love?

I think schools should provide condoms and better sex education, even if that means some people might get awkward and uncomfortable. Knowledge about body is as important as any other knowledge. Precaution is always nice to have.

I think we should legalize marijuana. It’s natural, it’s not more addictive than coffee, it has many beneficial health effects, and I would definitely choose to tax the stuffs so the money goes to the government hence more growth for the country, instead of having the money goes straight to the drug dealers.

I think abortion should be legal everywhere in the world.

I think ‘adat ketimuran’ is utter nonsense. I think cultures are always changing and therefore it is completely acceptable to leave a certain culture behind to have a new (hopefully) better culture. You know, we don’t have to hold every single kind of culture we are taught to follow. I think change is good – and to allow change means to know that you are a human BEING. You are always being something – and allowing change means you are humble enough to know you always have a room to be a better version of you.

I accept that my whole life I will never know if God exists or not. I don’t think that question will ever be answered. I accept that I am a mere human full of limitations – and it really doesn’t matter to me if God exists or not. It doesn’t change the way I live. Even if God doesn’t exist, I don’t want to steal, I don’t want to hurt anything, I don’t want to cause harm to the world.

I also think basing your life decisions blindly on a supposedly holy book is somewhat absurd. I’m thinking about every single religion requiring its people to follow every single rule written in that book – and you’re sinful if you ask too many questions. Just. Follow. It. Okay? Mm, I think not.

To me, choosing a governor is about choosing someone who could do the work. EVEN if the work means a nuisance for my comfort. I think everyone needs to adapt, especially in Jakarta. We need to have a better system, a better bureaucracy, a better mass transportation, a better pedestrian area, a better healthcare system, a better everything. Do you realize what that means? That means we have to adapt. We have to want to change. Because to move to a better city means that we have to sacrifice our comfort zone.

That means I have to accept it if when I take an ojek the driver follows the rule. No breaking the red lights. No doing u-turn where you’re not supposed to. That means I have to accept the fact that I cannot use a ‘calo’. That means I have to cross the street with the pedestrian bridge. It’s definitely a nuisance to the comfortable people of Jakarta. But I myself accept the fact that we do have to change in order to have a better city.

And most people don’t want to accept that I hold a different belief system from them. I know most of you who have been reading this don’t agree with some points that I wrote earlier on.

Can you accept that fact without judging and bashing me?



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