What is the best way to learn Codeigniter?


This is reposted from my Quora’s answer for the question above.

I self-taught CodeIgniter during my college years due to a 
part of mandatory course from campus which involved a real-life 
client. I was appointed to be a project manager and I led 3 other 

The 4 of us didn’t really know where to start when coding-time 
were about to begin. And as a PM, I felt like I had the 
responsibility to be able to finish the project, hence I took a 
lot of time to learn CodeIgniter first before really getting to 
the coding part.

The first thing I did was to go to a coffee shop near campus, 
alone, put my headset on, and read CodeIgniter’s documentation 
for hours. Just the documentation. I didn’t touch codes. I didn’t
open my editor. I read the documentation for 2 days, and I read 
almost everything. By reading them, I found that I knew exactly 
what this framework could and couldn’t do. What could I expect 
from this framework. Etc.

On the third day, I started coding little by little, following 
examples provided. I suggest you start by defining what you want 
to create, even if it’s just for learning purposes. Build it a 
little by a little.

The last, ask a lot. If there’s someone more advanced than you 
that you know, ask them. Googling your problems might help too. 
But don’t forget to keep coming back to the documentation. 
They’re the basic definitions of the framework and it’ll help you 
understanding the framework better.

This was posted September last year, more than 1 year after the last time I ever touched CodeIgniter, lol!

Today, I started developing my own personal website – https://www.pamelanov.com. I used to own this very domain around 2 years ago, but my own mistake made me lose the domain and I wasn’t able to own it anymore… until a few days ago! I was so excited about this, I didn’t think twice and transferred the money to my favorite domain and hosting provider, rumahweb.

At first, I wasn’t really sure which framework will I use to develop this website. Of course, for this blog I use WordPress and fortunately, I’ve come across a very nice customizable responsive theme. I haven’t explored much further, though. For pamelanov.com, I decided I’m gonna try to develop it with CodeIgniter, again. I did have interest in learning other frameworks such are Laravel and Yii, but I’m afraid the learning curve will make me give up easier and I really, really, want to see pamelanov.com comes to life, nice and clean, by my very own hands.

I also want to write more, both in Bahasa and English. I’ve given up writing for way too long – I was afraid of writing publicly because I fear for being judged. Yeah, during high school and college years, I was that teenager who was so afraid of losing her social status. Not anymore, though. So… yeah, that’s a little bit from me. Ciao!


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